49 Facts About Captain America

For a human who’s been around for almost 100 years good old Cap has certainly seen it all… and he may very well be the oldest Avenger too! He’s seen, fought and lived through World War II, and he’s ended up being cryogenically frozen for decades. But despite being out of touch with the modern world, no other superhero handles a team like the First Avenger does. With an ensemble of blue and red, Cap truly is the most American superhero Marvel has ever had. Don’t shield yourself away, get up to speed with these 49 facts about Captain America. 

Fact 1: Captain America is a fictional superhero appearing in comic books published by Marvel Comics.

  • He was created by cartoonists Joe Simon and Jack Kirby.

Fact 2: On March 1941, the character first appeared in Captain America Comics #1 from Timely Comics, a predecessor of Marvel comics. 

  • This means that Captain America is actually older than Marvel itself.

Fact 3: Captain America was designed as a ‘patriotic supersoldier’ who fights the Axis powers of World War II.

  • He was Timely Comics’ most popular character during that period. 

Fact 4: Captain America was discontinued in 1950. 

  • The popularity of superheroes waned following World War 2, however, Captain America had a revival in 1953. 

 Fact 5: The character wears a costume bearing an American flag.

  • Cap also has a nearly indestructible shield which he throws about… a lot. The shield is primarily made up of 3 components, Proto-adamantium (think of Wolverine’s claws), vibranium and another unknown component. 

Fact 6: He is the alter ego of Steve Rogers.

  • Steve Rogers was a frail, small, young man that was enhanced with an experimental serum during World War II. The US Government thought that he would be the ideal candidate for war zones and he would become one of their best assets.   

Fact 7: Near the end of World War 2 Captain America was frozen in ice, which is where he remained until he was revived in the present day. 

  • Although Captain America is often out of touch with modern world ideals, he remains a highly respected figure in the community, which includes becoming the long-term leader of the Avengers.

Fact 8: Captain America became the first Marvel Comics character to appear in media outside of comic books with the release of the 1944 film, “Captain America”. 

  •  The character then went on to feature in many more films and television series’. 

Fact 9: He was played by Chris Evans in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

  • He appeared in numerous MCU films including Captain America: The First Avenger (2011), The Avengers (2012), Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014), Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015), Captain America: Civil War (2016), Avengers: Infinity War (2018), and Avengers: Endgame (2019). 

Fact 10: In 2011, Captain America was ranked 6th on IGN’s “Top 100 Comic Book Heroes of All Time”.

  • He was second on their list of “The Top 50 Avengers” in 2012, and second on their “Top 25 best Marvel superheroes” list in 2014.

Fact 11: His birthday is on the 4th of July.

  • This meant that Steve Rogers was literally born on Independence Day… pretty neat considering his patriotism. 

Fact 12: The serum given to Captain America not only enhanced his body, but his personality traits as well. 

  • The serum would make bad traits worse and good ones better, which is why it was so important to pick a person who was inherently good before they gave the serum.

Fact 13: The Captain America identity has been taken on by 12 other people. 

  • Other characters who have taken on the mantle of America’s superhero are Isaiah Bradley (a World War II test subject), and even Peggy Carter in a recent comic book series called ‘Exiles’.

Fact 14: Captain America once won an art award. 

  • The award was for the Creative Arts “Art of the Future” contest. 

Fact 15: “Captain America: The First Avenger” was the fifth live-action adaptation of the First Avenger. 

  • Prior to the film, there was a television movie in 1944, two more television movies in 1979, and a theatrical release in 1990.

Fact 16: Chris Evans underwent digital “plastic surgery” after he took on the role.

  • A combination of green screen and physical film tricks by a company called LOLA  created the illusion of “Skinny Steve”. 

Fact 17: Hayley Atwell improvised the touch on Chris Evans’ chest when he emerged from the pod as Captain America. 

  • The surprise on her face was genuine as she was quite taken with Evans’ physique while they were filming… weren’t we all flabbergasted? 

Fact 18: Cap wasn’t really the “First Avenger”.

  • That honour goes to Ant-Man, Wasp, Hulk, Iron Man, and Thor.  

Fact 19: The comic version of Captain America’s shield is made from vibranium and proto-adamantium. 

  • But since adamantium is part of the X-men mythos, which is owned by 20th Century Fox, Marvel decided to leave one of the shield’s main ingredients out. 

Fact 20: Captain America beat Neil Armstrong to the moon. 

  • There is a Marvel storyline entitled “House of M” where Captain America is actually the first man on the moon.

Fact 21: Chris Evans initially refused to play the part of America’s superhero.

  • He declined the role of Captain America 3 times before finally agreeing because he was worried about the effects of fame on his private life.

Fact 22:  Captain America has a wealth of battlefield experience, vast knowledge and training on the topic, which makes him an expert tactician and one of the best field commanders. 

  • Thor has even stated that Captain America is one of the very few humans that he would take orders from and follow.

Fact 23: He’s used multiple shields throughout his superhero career.

  • But the most prevalent is an almost indestructible disc-shaped shield that’s made from an experimental alloy of steel and the fictional element, vibranium.

Fact 24: He owns a custom motorcycle that S.H.I.E.L.D heavily modified with super weapons. 

  • Cap also has a custom built battle van that was made by the Wakanda Design group, that had the ability to change its colour for disguise purposes.

Fact 25: The original Steve Rogers was very sickly.

  • He had loads of health problems including asthma, scarlet fever, rheumatic fever, epilepsy, sinusitis, chronic colds, high blood pressure, heart palpitations, fatigue, heart trouble, nervousness, and a family history of diabetes, cancer and stroke.

Fact 26: Prior to his superhero life, Steve Rogers was a fine arts student.

  • He specialized in comic books… the irony! 

Fact 27: He was the first superhero created in the Marvel universe. 

  • Captain America was created to be the ultimate soldier and his creation sparked the uprising of villains in the Marvel universe.

Fact 28: He was almost named ‘Super American’.

  • During World War II, Captain America’s creators wanted him to portray a character that had a strong political standpoint, since patriotic superheroes were pretty popular during the war. They decided in the end that there were too many ‘Super’ heroes about the place! 

Fact 29: Sebastian Stan almost played the role of Captain America.

  • He later ended up landing the role of Captain America’s best friend, Bucky Barnes in “The Winter Soldier”.

Fact 30: Captain America was assassinated in 2007. 

  • At the end of the 2007 storyline, Civil War, the whole world was shocked to find that Captain America was assassinated. His death caused so much commotion that it made headlines like that of the New York Times.

Fact 31: Cap once had to dress up as a grandma to save the day. 

  • Dresses as Grandma he had to sneak into Germany and retrieve money that was stolen.

Fact 32: In a comic book run called “Captain America: Man & Wolf”, Cap turns into a werewolf. 

  • When Cap goes to find his friend, he ends up being injected with a werewolf serum and becomes the leader of the captured werewolves.

Fact 33: Captain America can master any weapon in a matter of seconds. 

  • This detail is revealed in a lesser-known comic called ‘Moon Knight’ when Beast (from X-Men) explains that Steve Rogers can master any weapon in just seconds… Think back to when he throws Thor’s hammer about in ‘Avengers: Endgame’!  

Fact 34: Steve Rogers might’ve been born in 1918 or 1920, there’s a discrepancy between the films and comics.

  • His parents were Sarah and Joseph Rogers though. 

Fact 35: In 1936, Rogers’ mother died of tuberculosis and was buried next to her husband. 

  • Following his parents’ deaths, Bucky offered Rogers a place to stay.

Fact 36: During the Second World War, Captain America and Bucky fought the crime-fighting duo, “The Invaders”.

  • Their heroic deeds were detailed in the 1970s comic of the same name. 

Fact 37: Captain America has a fan club called “Sentinels of Liberty”.

  • Sentinels of Liberty was the title given to members of the ‘Captain America Comics fan club’ who Captain America sometimes addresses.

Fact 38: He has no idea what drugs are. 

  • Due to Cap’s old age, it became a challenge for writers to come up with a foe that he has not fought before. 

Fact 39: He has wielded Thor’s hammer a couple of times. 

  • During an attack by some of Seth’s followers, Thor was separated from Mjolnir. In the process of giving it back to Thor, Captain America comes out swinging the hammer, swiftly defeating his foes. 

Fact 40: He kicked a lot of Communist butts in the 50s. 

  • During this time, Cap held the title “Commie Smasher” and met Communist spies everywhere with either his fists or even weapons like gasoline.

Fact 41: He ended up unknowingly dating the Carter women.

  • In the comics, Cap dated Agent 13, Sharon. She was Peggy Carter’s niece, though she was portrayed earlier as Peggy’s younger sister. 

Fact 42: Captain America lived in a different realm for over 10 years.

  • Writers introduced new wrinkles into Cap’s backstory to keep things fresh, but since the superhero was the embodiment of American ideals, he can’t waver from them.

Fact 43: He can lift an 800 lbs weight. 

  • According to the “Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe”, Steve Rogers can lift 800 lbs. However, he had also been shown to be capable of holding the debris of a building crumbling around him. 

Fact 44: The supersoldier serum has caused his body to age very slowly.

  • Steve does age, but his cells don’t suffer rapid cell degeneration.

Fact 45: He once turned into a vampire.

  • Captain America was bitten by a vamped-out Daredevil at the end of ‘Ultimate Comics Avengers #2’ by Steve Dillon and Mark Millar. This made it quite a challenge for Blade to fight off a team of vampire Avengers.

Fact 46: He can’t get drunk.

  • The reason behind him not being able to get drunk is simple: the supersoldier serum has improved his body in every single way, including his metabolism.

Fact 47: Cap can run at a speed of 60 mph over short distances.

  • When Bucky was bleeding out and in serious need of medical attention, Captain America decided to carry his friend to the hospital himself. 

Fact 48: Captain America has an evil “twin”.

  • In the “Secret Empire”, it was revealed that Cap has a duplicate copy created by a Hydra-loyal Kobik, a sentient being of shattered cosmic cubes.

Fact 49: At one point, Cap became infected with the Zola virus.

  • The virus left Captain America in a constant state of pain, and it also tried to take over his mind. It’s a brutal virus that would destroy anyone who didn’t have the immune system of Captain America.


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