50 Facts About Apple

Apple is known for its innovation, creativity, and design. For almost two decades, this company has been one of the biggest tech empires in the whole world. Apple has a colorful history and there are so many interesting details that you might want to know about. Read on to learn 50 facts about Apple.

Fact 1: Apple’s slogan, “Think Different”, is a homage to all the visionaries who challenged conventions and dared to do something different in the world.

  • It was first used in an Apple advertisement in 1997, as an acknowledgement to those who made major contributions in the tech world by defying the norms.
  • It was also a nod to IBM that was using the slogan, “Think IBM” to sell their Thinkpads at the time.

Fact 2: When Apple products were first released in Japan people thought it was the actual fruit.

  • The confusing name was a huge issue in Japan, and caused a great deal of confusion for those wanting to purchase and sell the items.
  • When Apple products were delivered, Japanese people would put the boxes into refrigerated trucks, fearing the products would get spoiled in the heat.

Fact 3: During its initial release, the Apple logo on the back of the Apple laptop would glow upside down.

  • The idea was that it should face the user when opening the laptop.
  • It was later reversed, sometime in the 1990s, so it would look good in movies that were  showing the backside of the laptop.

Fact 4: The iPod name was inspired by the pod door in the film ‘2001: The Space Odyssey’.

  • Copywriter Vinnie Chieco, gave the iPod its name after seeing what it looked like.
  • Steve Jobs initially wanted to use the tagline, ‘1,000 songs in your pocket’, to sell these iPods.

Fact 5: Only 2% of the total applicants who apply to Apple, get an actual job.

  • Since it is now known as a great workplace with challenging projects and great benefits, people from all over the world, particularly in the technology field, aspire to be part of Apple.
  • Record shows that in 1 branch alone, they will receive close to 10,000 applicants when positions become available, but only 200 get a job

Fact 6: Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, was fired from his company (still depends on who you ask).

  • Steve Jobs was undoubtedly known for his innovative approach in problem solving, however, he was also known for being difficult to work with.
  • In a heated boardroom showdown between him and then Apple CEO John Sculley, in 1985, he was removed from the company.

Fact 7: Jobs founded another company, then made his way back to Apple.

  • He founded NeXT, a company that would create a new line of computers.
  • However, it was acquired by Apple in order to bring back Steve Jobs. Eventually Jobs was made the permanent CEO of Apple.

Fact 8: Steve Jobs wanted to give people a better customer experience that’s why he built Apple stores.

  • It was considered a risky move by the critics then, but Jobs proved them wrong when 7,700 people showed up to the first Apple store on its opening weekend.
  • As of today, there are more than 500 stores in 18 countries worldwide.

Fact 9: Apple became a hot commodity when it was publicly offered.

  • It instantly became the investors’ choice when the IPO was released on December 12th, 1980.
  • 40 Apple employees immediately became millionaires when Apple’s shares rose by 32%.

Fact 10: Apple has a long history of celebrating diversity.

  • It used to have a rainbow-colored logo until 1999. It represented the colour possibilities of Mac computers then.
  • In 2016, Apple CEO Tim Cook explained that Apple is striving to be a diverse company, that is open to anyone regardless of gender, race, or background.

Fact 11: The first logo that Apple used was an illustration of Isaac Newton leaning on an apple tree.

  • The original logo of Apple didn’t capture the essence of the company.
  • Steve Jobs didn’t like it and thought it was “too cerebral”, that might be the reason for the slow start in sales for the company.

Fact 12: Apple makes the majority of its sales from non-computer products.

  • In fact, a huge percentage of sales comes from products that were invented after 2006, such as iPhones, iPads, and iPods.
  • Today, even though their older products still work, the rise in Apple’s popularity has made sure that pre 2012 products have been replaced by the newer models available (it’s rare to see someone with a first gen iPhone when the iPhone X is out!).

Fact 13: Apple has more money than the US Treasury.

  • Apple, at one point, had so much cash, it was more than the reserves of the Treasury.
  • In the summer of 2011, it had 76.4 Billion in cash, a billion more than what the Treasury had, making Apple incredibly powerful too.

Fact 14: When Apple employees are working on something new, the company makes sure that they are working in an impenetrable environment.

  • Carpenters and builders will come in and secure the work areas by building thick walls and covers.
  • The security of the building is also heightened to prevent leaks from happening.

Fact 15: The ‘i’ in iPhone, iMac, and other Apple products had changed its meaning through the years.

  • In 1998, the ‘i’ in front of Apple products meant ‘internet’, because it was the biggest thing back then.
  • In more recent years, it was explained that it means ‘individuality’ and ‘innovation’, 2 of the main values of the company.

Fact 16: Apple is considered as a giant in the technology industry.

  • In fact, it is the largest technology company, surpassing Google, and its even bigger than Facebook.
  • It is also the 2nd biggest smartphone manufacturer after South Korea’s Samsung.

Fact 17: Apple still holds the record for the ‘most number units sold 3 months after a product is released’.

  • In April 2010, Apple sold 3 million units of iPad’s in 80 days upon its first release.
  • It broke its own record a year after when it sold 4 million units of iPad 2.0, during the second quarter of 2011.

Fact 18: Apple is one of the ‘Most Valuable Brands’ in the world.

  • In 2012, it took the top spot from Google. It remained the ‘Most Valuable Brand’ for 5 years.
  • In 2017, it slipped to the top 5 together with Microsoft, and Amazon.

Fact 19: The first Apple product, Apple I was priced at $666.66.

  • That price wasn’t because of some satanic reference.
  • Steve Wozniak, one of the founders, suggested that price because he liked repeating numbers.

Fact 20: Steve Wozniak can’t be fired from Apple, technically.

  • Since founding Apple with Steve Jobs, he has been on the Apple payroll.
  • His direct superior was Steve Jobs alone, and upon his death no one became his superior, so no one can fire Wozniak.

Fact 21: As 20-year old innovators, Jobs and Wozniak would sell their precious items to gain capital.

  • Steve Jobs sold his beloved VW Microbus.
  • Steve Wozniak on the other hand sold his Hewlett-Packard Calculator, to secure the $1350 starting capital.

Fact 22: The company released a 100% defective product.

  • Apple III was such a disaster, every single one was returned and had to be replaced.
  • The initial idea was good– they created a silent computer. But due to the absence of vents, it made the computers overheat and messed up the motherboard.

Fact 23:  Apple rebranded from being a computer company to a technology company.

  • For 30 years, the company was known as Apple Computer.
  • In 2007, it dropped the computer in its name, indicating their expansion to other technology-related products.

Fact 24: There is an easter egg in the first generation iPod.

  • If you own one, if you go to ‘About’, press the ‘select’ button for 5 seconds, you’ll be able to play “Brick.”
  • This game was developed by Wozniak and Jobs while they were working at Atari.

Fact 25: The name “Apple” came from the fruit.

  • There was no other symbolism about the name of the company, just Steve Job’s liking of ‘Apple’.
  • It was revealed in his posthumous biography to end the speculations about the origin of the name of the company.

Fact 26: Apple is the most successful technology company in the world.

  • Its profit in 2014 was more than the combined profit of Facebook, Google, and Amazon.
  • In 2015, it set the record of the highest yearly revenue of a technology company. It broke its own record in 2017.

Fact 27: Apple could potentially buy-out a lot of big media companies because of its wealth.

  • It has so much excess that it could buy Facebook and Netflix, at the same time.
  • Also, its wealth reserve is enough to provide each American with $500.

Fact 28: Steve Job’s salary as a CEO was only $1.

  • His overall net worth was $7 Billion, and it’s mainly because of his shares in the company.
  • His salary was set at $1, so he could be included in the company’s health benefits.

Fact 29: The Apple headquarters was given a new name in 2017: ‘Apple Park’.

  • It is in the Cupertino area of California. In this ‘park’ area there are labs, offices and green areas to sit and relax.
  • The shape of the location is a bit like a ‘Spaceship’ because of its 1 Infinite Loop. 

Fact 30: Apple is the first company to sell a digital coloured camera, known as the Apple Quicktake 100.

  • It was released in 1994 with a price tag of $749.
  • It was discontinued in 1997, when Steve Jobs returned to Apple.

Fact 31: Apple tried to sell a gaming console but it was a huge commercial flop.

  • In 1996, it introduced the Pippin Gaming console. There was nothing wrong with it but people didn’t buy it.
  • The market was highly saturated by Nintendo and Sony. Given it was also pricey people stuck with the most popular consoles at that time.

Fact 32: The iPod was turned down initially by other companies.

  • Before going to Apple, the iPod’s creator went to Phillips and Real Network first, but both turned him down.
  • Apple was very excited when it heard of the idea, a team was formed to have iPod released within the year.

Fact 33: The iPod was a game-changer in the music industry.

  • When the iPod was introduced, it was far less bulky and more minimalist than traditional music players. All other companies followed suit in terms of the design.
  • In 2017, iPod was discontinued because most people play their music using their phones.

Fact 34: Apple was one of the first tech companies to create an AI personal assistant.

  • Siri, Apple’s personal assistant, can help users to do reservations, research, and set-up appointments.
  • However, it is also known for making humorous jokes and philosophical statements.

Fact 35: Apple has a bitter history with Microsoft.

  • At one point, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs worked together to build a software for Macintosh.
  • However, Bill Gates was unimpressed with Steve Jobs, so he decided to part ways with him. But when Microsoft released its software, Steve Jobs thought that Bill Gates stole his idea.

Fact 36: The bite on the Apple’s logo is not a representation of Adam and Eve’s first sin.

  • It has no biblical origin. It is purely a design choice.
  • The designer showed Steve Jobs 2 versions, 1 with a bite and 1 without. He chose the former.

Fact 37: The clock in all Apple’s advertisements is set at 9:41.

  • During product reveal meetings, it generally takes around 40 minutes to get to the ‘revealing’ part so that’s why the clock is set at 9:41. The extra minute is to give leeway for some minor delays.
  • They try and stick to this time as much as they can, but it can sometimes be a minute over!

Fact 38: You should not smoke while using your Apple computers.

  • It is written in their warranty agreement. Your warranty will be voided if they detect that you were smoking while using your Apple device.
  • It’s because the Apple technicians refused to repair devices of smokers, due to the effects and fears of second-hand smoke.

Fact 39: Apple used a sneaky approach to force their customers to upgrade their devices.

  • During the launch of iPhone 8, Apple was forced to admit that their ‘software updates’ slowed the performance of older devices.
  • Because of the public backlash, they offered cheap battery replacements and were faced with a number of lawsuits.

Fact 40: There was a 3rd almost unknown founder of Apple.

  • Ronald Wayne owned 10% of Apple when it started, but he left after 12 days, receiving $800 and another $1500 payout.
  • He would have been a billionaire today had he stayed. But he didn’t regret it because he wanted to live a simple and peaceful life.

Fact 41: Apple and Samsung have a good relationship.

  • Although they are the top companies when it comes to smartphones, Samsung actually produces some iPhone components.
  • In fact, 35% of Samsung’s manufacturing income comes from Apple.

Fact 42: The iPhone was kept as a super-secret.

  • Only Steve Jobs, and a few people knew what it would look like when it was done.
  • Software developers had no idea about the hardware. Hardware developers also had no idea about the software.

Fact 43: After 3 years of not releasing anything new, Apple released a smart speaker system called ‘Home Pod’.

  • This was meant to compete with the current leaders in smart speaker systems, like Amazon and Google.
  • It also has Siri, which is meant to assist you with whatever digital needs you might have.

Fact 44: There is an Apple Store that is a famous tourist spot in New York.

  • Located on 5th Avenue, New York, this store is definitely an architectural wonder.
  • It cost Apple 10 million dollars to build this store. Although the actual store is underground, the giant glass cube at the top captures the attention of the pedestrians.

Fact 45: Apple employs more people than a small-sized city.

  • It currently has around 90,000 employees.
  • But there are more people who are earning because of affiliate links, and other sale promotions.

Fact 46: Slide-to-unlock is another Apple innovation.

  • They actually have a patent for this feature.
  • They sued Samsung before, because it used the same feature on its mobile phones.

Fact 47: The iPhone couldn’t be sold as ‘iPhone’ in Brazil in 2007, because someone had already used the name.

  • Apple and Gradiente battled each other for the rights to the name ‘Apple’. This went on for 6 years.
  • Gradiente, had released an “iPhone” running on Android OS, it was technically different to the iPhone.

Fact 48: Mac laptops are designed for creative people.

  • It’s sleek design and easy to use interface, coupled with high quality hardware make Mac a top choice for creative people.
  • Compared to other PCs, a Mac owner only spends 5 hours troubleshooting a problem on their device, which is considerably less than other brands. Some other brands can take up double the time.

Fact 49: The average salary of an Apple employee is $125,000 per year.

  • Also, each employee receives their own iPhones.
  • However, ‘freshers’ (new employees) do not get all the perks straight away, they are tested first on their loyalty and grit.

Fact 50: The iconic black turtleneck of Steve Jobs was his uniform.

  • He wanted to use the uniform culture he observed in Sony Japan, but the employees didn’t like the uniform.
  • However, since he loved the idea so much, he asked Issey Miyake to produce it, so he had more than 100 black turtlenecks.

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