50 Facts About Batman

Since his debut in 1939, Batman has cemented his spot as one of the most iconic superheroes of all time. A playboy billionaire by day, and a masked vigilante at night! Bruce has certainly excited fans with his many approaches to fighting crime in Gotham city, but you might not know the full story! Keep on reading to learn 50 facts about Batman. 

Fact 1: The legendary ‘Dark Knight’, aka Batman, was created by Bill Finger and Bob Kane. 

  • However, Finger only received credit for his work after his death.

Fact 2: Batman first appeared in the DC Comics’ ‘Detective Comics #27’ in May, 1939.

  • The ‘Dark Knight’ would eventually become the main star of this comic series. 

Fact 3: The masked vigilante was originally named “Bat-Man” before he was officially called “Batman” as we know him these days. 

  • Batman’s real identity is Bruce Wayne, CEO of Wayne Enterprises, and a veteran member of the Justice League.

Fact 4: The superhero’s real name, “Bruce Wayne” is a combination of Robert the Bruce, and Mad Anthony Waynes’ names, who were both revolutionary heroes.

  • Bruce Wayne is depicted as an American philanthropist and businessman, who lives in Gotham City, and is quite the lady’s man. 

Fact 5: Bruce Wayne witnessed the murder of his parents at a young age.

  • Since then, Bruce has sworn to get revenge on the perpetrators, and has taken an oath to maintain a sense of justice in Gotham.   

Fact 6: Batman has a dedicated butler named Alfred. 

  • Alfred Thaddeus Crane Pennyworth is depicted not only as Bruce Wayne’s loyal butler, but as his surrogate father figure. It’s also worth noting that Pennyworth is an ex-Special Operations Executive. 

Fact 7: Batman’s sidekick is called “Robin”.

  • Robin’s real name is Dick Grayson and is Batman’s right-hand man. Robin didn’t appear in the Gotham-based comic series until Issue #38.  

Fact 8: Batman formed a strong alliance with the police commissioner, Jim Gordon, as both wanted to rid Gotham City of crime. 

  • Interestingly, Gordon is the Father of Barbara Gordon, ‘Batgirl’ in the comic series. 

Fact 9: Batman earned his moniker as the ‘Caped Crusader’ due to his appearance while fighting crime on the streets.  

  • The name is based on the fact that while fighting crime Batman is usually wearing a cape.

Fact 10: In later years, Batman was given a more serious name: the “Dark Knight”.  

  • DC launched a new Batman title called ‘Legends of the Dark Knight’ in 1989, which served as Batman’s backstory following Crisis. 

Fact 11: Unlike most of his comrades, Batman doesn’t possess superpowers.

  • Instead, Batman relies on his martial arts prowess, detective skills, physical strength, intellect, wealth, technology, and will, to face off with the criminals of Gotham City.

Fact 12: Batman quickly gained a huge fanbase following his debut in 1939, which spawned his own comic book in 1940, aptly named “Batman”.

  • Batman proved to be a big hit to readers, and as his following grew a TV show, titled after him graced the television screens in the 1960s. 

Fact 13: Frank Miller wrote a four-issue comic book miniseries, “The Dark Knight Returns” in 1986, which featured Bruce Wayne at 55 going back to a crime-fighting life. 

  • Miller wrote a three-part follow-up series titled “The Dark Knight Strikes Again” in 2001. 

Fact 14: In 1989, Michael Keaton played the role of the crime-fighting vigilante in Warner Bros.’ feature film “Batman”.

  • The film was followed by “Batman Returns” in 1992, with Michael Keaton reprising the role of the Caped Crusader. 

Fact 15: Val Kilmer was cast as Batman in “Batman Forever” which premiered in 1995. 

  • This version of the Dark Knight was portrayed as a more heroic, less ruthless, and more human-like character, in comparison to the Batman seen in the Tim Burton films.

Fact 16: George Clooney bagged the role of Batman in the 1997 film, “Batman & Robin”. 

  • However, the film was a major flop, becoming the lowest-grossing live-action Batman film to date.

Fact 17: The fear-mongering and crime-ridden city of Gotham actually got its name from a jewellery store listed in a telephone directory. 

  • The creators of Batman resorted to simply scanning the telephone directory to choose a name fitting for Batman’s beloved city, and stumbled upon a jeweller listed as Gotham Jewellers. 

Fact 18: “Batman Begins” was released in 2005, and starred Christian Bale as the more serious and darker version of the Dark Knight. 

  • Unlike most of its predecessors, the film was met with highly positive reviews, with critics praising the tone of Bale’s performance, action sequences, score, direction, and the emotional weight compared to previous Batman films.  

Fact 19: Kevin Conroy holds the record for being the person who has played the character Batman for the longest time. 

  • Conroy has starred in about 31 different versions, including games, animated series’, and TV series’.

Fact 20: At the Canadian University of Victoria, you can actually enrol onto a course called “The Science of Batman” which is specifically designed to explore the life of Batman. 

  • The course uses Batman as a metaphor for both physiological and psychological human conditioning, adapting exercise and preparation for achieving personal goals and the science behind injuries and the recovery process.

Fact 21: “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” was released in 2016, starring Ben Affleck as a follow-up to 2013’s “Man of Steel”.

  • The film was ultimately deemed as a box office disappointment for failing to reach its expected $1 billion gross, it did gross about $873 million and turned a profit though. 

Fact 22: The infamous Catwoman costume that Michelle Pfeiffer donned in the 1992 film, “Batman Returns” was actually a vacuum-sealed costume. 

  • Pfeiffer said she only had a small window to act before it unsealed. 

Fact 23: Due to the Batmobile’s extremely low horizontal design, the ears on the original Batman costume couldn’t fit inside the vehicle. 

  • Batman’s masks had to be redesigned to ensure that the production would never encounter the same problem again as filming progressed. 

Fact 24: Bus ads featuring Catwoman promoting “Batman Returns” in 1992 were stolen.

  • This prompted security teams to be dispatched to ensure that the advertising materials stayed in their correct locations.

Fact 25: In 2011, Batman sat at the 2nd spot on IGN’s Top 100 Comic Book Heroes of All Time.

  • The top spot of course belonged to Superman.  

Fact 26: The 1989 musical, “The Little Shop of Horrors” had several of their props incorporated into the set of Batman.  

  • The dental tools used in the 1986 version of the musical were used for the Joker’s face. 

Fact 27: Throughout the years, a lot of folks have played the role of Robin including Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Tim Drake, Stephanie Brown, and Damian Wayne.

  • The original, and widely considered as the best “Robin” was Dick Grayson, who played Batman’s sidekick for 40 years.

Fact 28: Among Batman’s love interests were Catwoman, Vicki Vale, Batwoman and Julie Madison.

  • The comic book version of the Dark Knight, is about to take a big step by getting Batman engaged to Selina Kyle aka Catwoman. 

Fact 29: A bill of $1,000,000 was raised to ensure real penguins could be used in the filming of “Batman Returns”. 

  • The money was spent mainly on ensuring that the penguins were as comfortable as possible. Majority of the sum was used for cooling, food, accommodation and shipment.

Fact 30: Andy Warhol produced and directed the first Batman movie, “Batman Dracula” which was released in 1964. 

  • Batman Dracula is a black and white American film produced and directed by Andy Warhol, but was released without the permission of DC Comics.

Fact 31: Batman has gone by several aliases including Matches Malone, Sir Hemingford Grey, Mordecai Wayne, The Insider, Minuteman, and Lefty Knox.

  • The Joker even had a cute nickname just for the Dark Knight, “Batsy”. 

Fact 32: In earlier comics, Batman used to kill a lot of people. 

  • However, the Dark Knight adopted a strict ‘No-kill’ policy which was tied to him honouring his parent’s memory and his origin story.

Fact 33: Commissioner Gordon’s daughter, Barbara Gordon donned on the Batgirl costume and fought criminals alongside Batman. 

  • In 1967, Batgirl debuted in Detective Comics #359, titled “The Million Dollar Debut of Batgirl!”.

Fact 34: In one series of the Batman comics, Bruce Wayne and Catwoman actually had a child, the Huntress or Helena.

  • In the Post-Flashpoint Earth 2 continuity, Helena Wayne took on the role of Robin. However, she was a considerably more ruthless version of her predecessors.

Fact 35: Batman’s secret headquarters is called the ‘Batcave’.

  • The Dark Knight’s base of operations is made up of caves beneath his personal residence, Wayne Manor.

Fact 36: A few famous names in history were used as inspiration for the creation of Batman. 

  • Batman’s character was inspired by Sherlock Holmes, Zorro, and a Leonardo da Vinci sketch of a bat-winged flying machine.

Fact 37: The villains that Batman has famously faced include the Joker, the Penguin, the Riddler, the Scarecrow, Poison Ivy, Clayface, and Mr. Freeze, among others.

  • To this day, The Joker remains as the most recognizable and iconic villain of all time. He is, in every way, the opposite of Batman. 

Fact 38: Batman wore a lantern ring 15 times in the comics.

  • Before the massive Sinestro Corps War event hit the cosmos, and planet Earth itself, Sinestro sent out hundreds of rings into the universe to seek out hosts who had the ability to instil great fear into others. One of the rings latched itself onto Batman, and it transformed his costume into a version of a Sinestro Corps recruit.

Fact 39: Bruce Wayne’s parents were Dr. Thomas Wayne and Martha Wayne. 

  • Both came from wealthy families, and were active philanthropists. 

Fact 40: Whenever the police require Batman’s assistance they send out the Bat-Signal.

  • The Bat-signal is a specially modified searchlight with a stylized emblem of the batman’s logo affixed to the light, it projects a large bat-symbol into the skies over Gotham City.

Fact 41: Bruce Wayne’s net worth is approximately $7 Billion. 

  • Majority of Wayne’s fortune comes from Wayne Enterprises. The company’s various activities help facilitate his Batman activities in Gotham City.

Fact 42: Batman also has a combat plane called the Batwing. 

  • The Batwing is a custom-built air combat vehicle, fully armed with mini-guns and missiles.

Fact 43: JonDoe297 is actually Bruce Wayne’s online screen name.

  • In Detective Comics Vol. 1 #845, Batman decides to log-on to an amateur detective’s chat room to gauge other people’s viewpoints and trade theories. 

Fact 44: In a Marvel/DC comic book crossover in 1996, Batman Merged with Wolverine. 

  • Their merging created a new character named Dark Claw whose real name is Logan Wayne. 

Fact 45: Batsy apparently speaks over 40 different languages. 

  • Among them is English, French, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Mandarin, Cantonese, Filipino, Korean, Arabic, Turkish, Polish, German, Latin, Greek, Italian, Portuguese, Hebrew, Thai, Vietnamese, Kryptonian, Swedish, and Swahili.

Fact 46: Among Batman’s weapons are the batarang and the batgyro. 

  • Batman’s gadgets are housed in his iconic utility belt, but the exact contents of this belt are not known because Batman usually changes it to suit his needs. 

Fact 47: Batman represents Bruce Wayne’s shadow archetype.

  • A shadow archetype is a person’s own dark side which isn’t necessarily evil, but rather one that is hidden from the outside, and is concealed from both the world and oneself. 

Fact 48: Batman has defeated Darkseid twice already. 

  • Darkseid is among the most powerful beings of the DC Universe originating from the race known as ‘New Gods’.

Fact 49: In the 1995 hit, Batman Forever, the role of Batman was given to Val Kilmer instead. Michael Keaton supposedly demanded too much money for the role. 

  • Batman Forever went on to gross over $336 million worldwide, becoming the sixth-highest-grossing film worldwide in 1995. 

Fact 50: George Clooney supposedly tried to dissuade Ben Affleck from playing the role of Batman. 

  • Although Affleck did the best he could to play the part of the Dark Knight, the entire process of being ‘the Batman’ made Affleck very sad. This could have been avoided if he had listened to Clooney’s advice about not taking on the role. 


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