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Here at Every Fact Ever we’re crazy, and if truth be told completely and utterly bonkers, about facts! And we want to share what we know with you!

There’s no poetic or romantic story to tell. 

We love facts and we know you do too. 

So to aid you in your search for mind blowing facts we’ve lifted up every rock and integrated every interesting place, person, and animal for juicy facts. So, if you’re working on a class project, writing articles, or just looking to kick back, relax worry-free, and enjoy awesome facts, you’re in the right place! 

Our dedicated team of facts hunters are sent out to every corner of the world – via the internet, of course – to hunt down the facts that make jaws drop, eyes pop out sockets, and brains melt in from shock and awe. These factilicious individuals, these brave souls who put life and limb on the line every day to hunt down these juice facts, genuinely love telling you about the wacky wonders of the world, screwy statistics, and mind-boggling beautiful facts that are currently trotting around the universe. 

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