32 Facts About Mugs

Mugs are a fundamental part of our day! They’re with us as we drink our morning coffee, are there for us to eat our soup at meal lunchtime, and they’re waiting for us with a hot chocolate inside before bed! Beyond this, what do you know about your loyal companion? Fancy getting to know your mug a little better with these facts… Here are 32 facts about mugs for you to drink down with your morning coffee. 

Fact 1: If you don’t know this already then you really do need to read our fact article! But in case you didn’t know, mugs are used to hold hot liquids. These liquids are not limited to just coffee and hot chocolate, because you can use a mug to hold soup too! 

Fact 2: Sadly, most ancient mugs don’t exist anymore because they were made from wood or bone. Both wood and bone mugs would’ve turned to dust hundreds if not thousands of years ago…

Fact 3: While you might think handles are a given on a mug, this isn’t always the case. You can buy mugs that don’t come with handles. Don’t ask me why because I think it is very dangerous not to have a handle! 

Fact 4: A decorated clay mug was found in Greece and it is said to date back to 4000-5000 BCE. BCE stands for Before Common Era.

Fact 5: Travel mugs are insulated drinks holders that were brought onto the market sometime in the 1980s.

Fact 6: Ashrita Furman from the USA, managed to conquer the world record for the ‘most tea bags thrown into mugs in 30 seconds’ record in 2017. 7 tea bags were successfully tossed into mugs. I’m sure this record is much harder than it sounds in real life! But I’m so going to try this now…

Fact 7: The ‘whistle mug’ as you’ve probably guessed is a mug that when you blow through it, makes a whistling sound! So, this isn’t your usual mug because it has a tiny hole in the bottom to let air in and out, which also helps to make the whistle. Probably completely useless in the beverage industry! 

Fact 8: A mug will typically hold about 350ml of liquid. Obviously, some mugs will be far bigger and others will be smaller.

Fact 9: Mugs are usually stored on a mug tree! This is a specially designed pole with pegs pointing slight upwards that you just slot mugs onto! 

Fact 10: Travel mugs are well-insulated and are able to keep the liquid inside warm for a number of hours. These mugs also come with an anti-spill system so people don’t burn themselves as they drink. 

Fact 11: Generally, mugs are not used in formal places. This is likely to be an old throwback tradition, when using tea cups and teapots were really popular!  

Fact 12: When clay mugs were first popularized they weren’t actually that popular with people because the walls of the mug were so thick people couldn’t drink out of the mug properly. A full clay mug might have been really heavy to lift too! 

Fact 13: It’s likely that the first pottery-made mug of sorts was made about 6500-3000 BCE, it’s likely that people would’ve been able to craft some sort of mug shape from clay and they would add a handle. 

Fact 14: The ‘frog mug’ is a mug that is primarily used for drinking ales in the UK! 

Fact 15: ‘Puzzle mugs’ are real! There are many puzzle variations but most of these so-called ‘puzzles’ involve you trying to drink/empty a single cup of liquid while there are other cups attached to the cup, without spilling liquid! In a nutshell, there are lots of secret holes in the various mugs that make the puzzle hard for you to win! If you must try these ‘puzzle mugs’, do it with cold water!   

Fact 16: Another name for the trusted travel mug is ‘auto mug’. As the name suggests these mugs are supposed to be used while driving, so they must be easy to open, simple to hold, and a driver must be able to drink from the ‘auto mug’ quickly with no spills. Although, we suggest that you pull in if you’re desperate for a drink! No need for spills as your drive!  

Fact 17: As of 2006, Bob Thomson holds the Guinness World Record for the largest mug collection in the world. In this collection there are 6352 mugs, all of which are different too! These mugs have been collected since 1995, and I’m sure by now, 2020, the collection has grown even more! 

Fact 18: In 2018, the biggest mug cake mosaic was made by Betty Crocker in the Middle East. It was 112.42 square meters in size! 

Fact 19: Ancient mugs were carved from wood or bone! 

Fact 20: Modern mugs are made from ceramic, china, porcelain, or stoneware.

Fact 21: Mugs are often used as promotional tools! For example, companies often print their logo onto a mug and hand them out to people for free, or sometimes people want to purchase mugs with company logos on them!  

Fact 22: ‘Thermochromism’ is a real thing in the mug world! Ever seen one of those really cool mugs that change color or scene when you put boiling water into the mug? Well, that’s what this word means! 

Fact 23: Metal mugs were introduced about 4000 years ago, this is when the metalworking era started to take off. General materials that would’ve been used were lead, silver, and gold. 

Fact 24: The world’s largest coffee mug holds up to 2,010 gallons, or 32,160 cups of coffee. GourmetGiftBaskets.com holds this record. 

Fact 25: Mugs can be made from glass, and this is generally known as Pyrex. Which is the same name given to dishes that we usually put in the oven. 

Fact 26: Porcelain was said to have been invented in China around 6000 CE, and this new material was an excellent replacement for metal mugs. It’s still used today so it’s done a pretty good job. 

Fact 27: A ‘shaving mug’ is a type of mug that is used in the shaving industry. Don’t drink from one of these! These mugs were designed and used in the 19th century, and are still used today. But, of course, with our endless advanced shaving products, less and less of these ‘shaving mugs’ are actually available today. In essence, this type of mug is where a shaving brush is dipped and placed to obtain the soap/foam that is needed to be applied to the face before shaving starts. Yes, years ago you’d’ve applied shaving cream with a brush and hot water, and it wouldn’t have been squirted from a can! 

Fact 28: In 2020, Rob Clarke from the UK, managed to hold 21 mugs in one of his hands! How many can you hold?

Fact 29: Cup and mug – aren’t they same? Technically no. A mug is much bigger than a cup, and is used for beverages like coffee and hot chocolate, and they tend to be used by businesses for promotional use. Cups tend to hold about 180ml, are far thinner, and are usually used for tea! If you’re not familiar with cups think of Downton Abbey at teatime! 

Fact 30: As of 2008, the world’s most expensive mug is worth $34,000! This mug was made by Yoo Long Kim Kee Gold Store in Bangkok, and it was part of a Nescafe campaign! That’s an expensive mug! Did I mention it was made from 23 carat Gold! 

Fact 31: Many people choose to decorate their mugs and you can do so in lots of different ways! For example, in the mugs early days, people would carve paintings and shapes into their wooden mug. The Tiki mug has many different carvings including faces and shapes – some of which are scary! Today, people like to print onto their mug! While having a basic decorating is fine for some, others like to personalise their mug with family photos, quotes, or funny sayings! 

Fact 32: Tiki mugs are made from ceramic material and originated sometime in the 20th century. These types of mugs are associated with tropical bars, surfing, and being souvenirs today. But, many years ago these mugs would’ve been used to depict stories and portraits, and would not have been that common around the world! The faces and illustrations on the mugs would’ve been crafted by hand too! 


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